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Like my poems, my paintings and linocuts focus on small, intimate glimpses of ordinary life — a cluster of cherries or a cottage encountered around the corner — but they are rich in color and expression and appreciation for the grace of everyday surroundings.

— Mary Kolada Scott, artist and poet


About the artist

Mary Kolada Scott is an artist and writer who lives in Ventura, California. While growing up, she always had wanted to study art but was sidetracked when a junior high school art class was full. Mary took creative writing instead, and her teacher got her first poem published. She pursued the language arts for decades, putting the visual arts on hold until several years ago.

Since then, Mary has produced watercolors, acrylics, linocut prints, and mixed-media pieces.  She displays her love of poetry in original letterpress broadsides.

Mary is a member of the Buenaventura Art Association. In 2007, she participated with other women artists in a show of altered fashion dolls, Barbed Art, and she shows her work locally. In April-May 2009, she had her first solo show at Buenaventura Gallery titled Between the Lines: Paintings, Prints and Poems, which featured her art and poetry. Mary and Frances Elson, a glass artist, had a show, "Vibrant Colors," at Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura from Sept.-Oct. 2011.

She has studied with Phyllis Doyon and participated in workshops with Al Setton, Tom Fong, Ted Nuttall, Norman Kirk, Joan McKasson, Hiroko Yoshimoto and Susan Seaberry.

Mary wrote a weekly poetry column for the Ventura County Star for four years. Her articles, poems, photographs and artwork have been published in hundreds of newspapers, magazines and books. Recent publications include poems in the anthologies Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge, The Art of Bicycling, When Last on the Mountain, and Child of My Child. Two of her poems were published in Calyx (Summer 2009), and others appeared in the 2009 and 2010 editions of Her Mark, an art and poetry journal produced by Woman Made Gallery in Chicago.

In both writing and art, Mary draws inspiration from simple images surrounding her, from cherries in a bowl on her table to charming houses she passes on walks. She appreciates the power of objects to impart significance to the observer. She is exploring more complex relationships by branching out into figurative painting and portraits.

Her husband and pARTner, Don Scott, provides support and computer/photography help.