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An Aging Aquarian’s First Psychic Reading

The psychic gets the date wrong, a day ahead,
but she dabbles in the future. I forgive her.
She puzzles over chickens she envisions
crowding around my feet.

Do you raise chickens? Paint them?

We move on.
She senses I’m in a serene place.
My husband’s faltering heart has stabilized.
The dead ex finally concedes I was right.
Our grown son will flop around for a while.
Let him.

But what about those chickens?

Maybe it all comes down to chicken scratches,
like sketches and poems etched on paper
that try to divine something mystical
out of the perfectly ordinary.

— Mary Kolada Scott

(won first prize, Ventura County Writers Club 2005 poetry contest)


Some of the publications in which my works appears:

Quilts are Forever (Simon & Schuster, 2002)
We Used To Be Wives  (Fithian Press, 2002)
Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge (Poetworks/Grayson Books, 2003)
The Art of Bicycling (Breakaway Books, 2005)
Askew, Issue #5, Fall/Winter 2008
Her Mark 2009 and 2010 editions, a journal of art and poetry published by Woman Made art gallery in Chicago, Ill.
Calyx, Summer 2009 Calyx
If a Woman’s Hair Is Her Glory, Why Am I Tweezing My Chin? (Guideposts, 2010)
When Last on the Mountain: Essays, Stories, and Poems from Writers Over 50 (Turtle House/Holy Cow! Press, Fall 2010) www.turtlehouseink.com
Child of My Child: Poems and Stories for Grandparents (Gelles-Cole Literary Enterprises, Fall 2010) www.childofmychild.biz

Books are available at www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com