Since we’ve been restricted to our homes, I’ve missed retail shopping (sorry, Chico’s). I have nowhere special to go, and my new fashion statement pieces are masks for essential trips and earrings for Zoom meetings.

I’m also paying more attention to my fingernails while nail salons here are closed. I found Color Street nail strips that Melanie Stevens sells online. I’m hard on my nails because I paint with acrylics but these nails last a week or longer. If I get acrylic paint on them, I wipe it off with hand sanitizer.

The nail strips come in solids, glitters, designs, and seasonal colors/patterns. I enjoy being creative and mixing them up.

I can shop 24/7 and the nail strips are mailed promptly. Each set contains an alcohol wipe for cleansing nail surfaces and a cute emery board. Color Street strips are made in the USA and don’t need heat, tools, or dry time.

Use Melanie’s shopping link and tell her I referred you!